Available Fertilizer Tubes & Accessories by Brand

Below you will find a list of all available fertilizer tube models as well as a number of accessories. Our dealer network can assist with purchase and installation or installation instructions have been provided for the DIYers as well.

Recommendations for all Models

  • Replace disc openers when you install our fertilizer tubes
  • Check valves should be used with these fertilizer tubes; close to the tube in the fertilizer line
  • Avoid allowing the planter sit in the ground too long as a pool of fertilizer can form and may interfere with the brush seed delivery system
  • Inspect row units for build-up in the brush system when you fill your planter
  • Do not let the planter roll backwards as tubes may bend back from the seed tube guard

Access Our Dealer Network

If you'd like to add our Fertilizer Tube to your crop strategy please contact one of our dealers for assistance.

Find Your Fertilizer Tubes Brand & Product Part

John Deere

John Deere ExactEmerge Planter (Patented)
TT 009

1700 Series MaxEmerge 5 (Patented)
TT 007

1700 Series w/ XP Row Units (Patented)
TT 006

1700, 7300, 7200 Series (Non XP) Units
TT 002

1700, 7300, 7200 Series (Non XP) Units
TT 002 Oversized

7000, 7100 Series Planter
TT 001

7000, 7100 Series Planter
TT 001 Oversized

Closing Wheel Assembly Dual Tube System
TT 300

FurrowForce Dual Tube System
TT 314F

Icon Gear


4000 Series Planter (Patented)
TT 401

3000 Series Planter (Patented)
TT 301

2000 Series Planter
TT 001

2000 Series Planter
TT 001 Oversized

Ladder for Kinze Planter

Closing Wheel Assembly Dual Tube System
TT 300

Icon Gear


6000 Series Planter
TT 260

8000 Series Planter
TT 200

9000 Series Planter
TT 290

Closing Wheel Assembly Dual Tube System
TT 300

9000 Series Closing Wheel Option
TT 390

Agco/Fendt/Massey Precision Plant row unit
TT 296

Icon Gear

Great Plains

Starter Fertilizer Placement Tube
TT 400

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Case 2150 Closing Wheel Assembly
TT 321

2011 - 1200 Case Planter (and older)
TT 100

2012 - 1200 Case Planter (and newer)
TT 10012

Case 1200 Planter - Below the Seed Option
TT 125

Case 1200 Series Closing Wheel Assembly
TT 300/Case

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Monosem Fertilizer Tube w/ Attached Standard Firming Point
TT 700

Monosem Fertilizer Tube w/ Attached V-Slice Firming Point
TT 700V

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Seed Depth Tool

Seed Bounce Flaps
TT 008

John Guest Fittings
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