Monitor Volume With Wilger Flow Manifold

Easily adapt to your factory or after-market pump system to monitor flow volume for each row. The unique design quickly highlights a plugged orifice or blocked screen as the red ball settles to the bottom of the manifold. Protect your valuable input dollars with accurate fertilizer placement.

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Wilger Flow Manifold Kit

Wilger Flow Manifold
Our kit includes flow monitors, orifices, 0-60 pressure gauge, two endcaps, and 1” male pipe thread x 3/4" male hose barb that attaches your pump to the manifold. Hose fittings, connectors and other parts are also available.
A typical 16 row planter has 2 manifolds of 8 (4x4) on each wing which allows for the easiest hose routing with minimum amounts of hose per row. A 24 row has 2 manifolds of 12 (6x6) on each wing. And a 36 row has 3 manifolds of 12 (6x6) one on the wings and 1 in the center.

To place your order contact us and be prepared to answer the following questions to ensure we send you the correct sized orifice:

  • Density per gallon (lbs) of fertilizer (example: 11.7 lbs)
  • Average speed
  • Planter size (number of rows & row spacing)
  • Average rate of fertilizer (example: 6 gal)
  • Size of hose running to the row units - we recommend 3/8 outside diameter as it produces less line pressure on cold spring mornings, outside diameter of 1/4 is also typical

Manifold Brackets

Manifold Brackets

Include our bright white brackets to make it easier to see the balls inside the clear columns and quickly determine if you have a row plugged on the planter. These brackets are made from hardened UHMW and have a long lifespan. Our Wilger Manifold Brackets are available in these configurations:

  • 6 row bracket - Part # TT-MPx6
  • 8 row bracket - Part # TT-MPx8
  • 12 row bracket - Part # TT-MPx12
  • 16 row bracket - Part # TT-MPx16

Wilger Flow Balls Weight Guide

Use the guide below to ensure you are selecting the correct ball based on your specifications:

  • Stainless Steel 302: 0.40 - 1.33 USGPM
  • Red Glass: 0.31 - 0.72 USGPM
  • Red Celcon: 0.09 - 0.30 USGPM
  • Green Polyprop: 0.05 - 0.18 USGPM
  • Black Polyprop: 0.03 - 0.09 USGPM