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We are metal fabrication specialists with a passion for high-quality products, based in Aberdeen, South Dakota. We develop ag products designed to improve your corn, cotton or bean yields. Our award-winning solutions have been independently field tested to make your starter fertilizer and planting efforts more effective.

Starter Fertlizer Tube

Fertilizer Tube

A patented product that makes your starter fertilizer more effective by allowing application below the seed.

Air Seeder

Air Seeder

Achieve consistent seed depth and liquid fertilizer application at the deepest point of the furrow for improved results.

Wilger Manifold

Wilger Flow Manifold

Easily adapt to your pump system to monitor flow volume and ensure accuracy of your inputs.

Raw Material

Raw Material

Access steel and aluminum available by the sheet or various sizes of round, square and rectangular tubing.

Totally Tubular Locate A Dealer

Locate a Dealer

If you'd like to add our Starter Fertilizer Tube or Air Seeder to your crop strategy, please contact one of our dealers for assistance. We've partnered with nearly 1000 dealers across the country who can provide product and installation.

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"We've tried many different alternatives in starter fertilizer application and have been running this product on both planters for 2 years now. We are very satisfied with the way they work. No plugging or build-up issues at all."

Harvey Fliehs, Jr. / South Dakota