Machinery Part Fabrication

We are Aberdeen's metal fabrication specialists. If you need a custom part for a piece of equipment or machinery we can help. We use SolidWorks to model custom parts to ensure accuracy in our engineering. We assist farmers and others looking to customize a part to fit a specific need or in need of a replacement part impossible to find for older machinery.

Custom Signs

We have also been a part of numerous custom metal signs. Whether you are looking for something for your home, farm, yard, or shop, we have creative ideas for the unique sign to fit your wish. Give us a call or send us an email to talk about the project you have in mind.

Snowmobile Parts

What started as a passion project has turned into popular upgrade for area Polaris snowmobilers. We have engineered three styles of stronger bumpers for Polaris snowmobiles.
  • Polaris PRO Bumper 163A - Made from 3/8" aluminum, this unlike 163B does not allow a spot for the reflector on the side of the snowmobile.
    Pro163 1Pro163 2
  • Polaris PRO Bumper 163B - Also made from 3/8" aluminum does allow for the reflector on the side of the snowmobile.
    Pro163 3 Pro163 4
  • Polaris PRO Bumper 155 - Also made from 3/8" aluminum, this bumper design is slightly different than our 163 models.
    Pro155 1 Pro155 2

What Project do you Have in Mind?

With access to the raw material and an incredibly talented staff we are capable of manufacturing a wide variety of custom products involving metal, wood, rubber, plastic or glass products. If you are wondering if we can tackle your project, good chances we can, give us a call. Here is a sample of Totally Tubular's capabilities:
  • CNC Flow Waterjet cutting - this machine can cut steel, aluminum, tin, wood, rubber, plastic and glass
  • Press brake
  • Shear
  • Steel and aluminum welding
  • Sandblasting