Liquid Fertilizer Tubes for White 9000 Series Closing Wheel

This tube applies any liquid fertilizer solution beside the seed trench, behind the closing wheel. The liquid fertilizer tubes are sold as one unit, not in pairs. However, if you do opt for two tubes per row, Totally Tubular does sell a 3/8" poly Y-splitter to assist in getting fertilizer to each side.

Liquid Fertilizer Tubes
Closing Wheel Liquid Fertilizer Tubes
Totally Tubular Liquid Fertilizer Tubes

Model TT390:  White 9000 Series Planter Mounting Instructions:

Step 1

Stainless steel bracket is manufactured to fit on the left or right side of the back section of the planter. The large hole matches up to the bolt on the arm.

Step 2

There are two holes in the middle of the bracket. One of these will match up to the ‘ear’ in the center of the arm. Use the flange bolt to fasten the bracket through the ‘ear’ on the arm.

Step 3

Mount the tube with the 1/4” stainless steel bolts. Adjust the tube according to the angle preferred, tighten bolts.

Step 4

The zip ties provided are for the small 3 holes on the top of the bracket to assist in holding the hose going to the tube.

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