Improve the Effectiveness of Starter Fertilizer Application

Our patented starter fertilizer application tube is proven to increase yields. Its innovative design allows you to apply liquid starter fertilizer in-furrow, deeper in the soil profile, and results in instant root uptake, early plant health and quicker plant growth. Made from stainless steel, our fertilizer tube will easily outlast your equipment's disc scraper and is maintenance free. Additionally, its effective design keeps tubes protected by the disc blades making rocks a non issue. An optional seed bounce flap is available for many pieces of equipment and closes the opening between the disc openers assuring correct seed placement by eliminating seed bounce and ricochet. Our air seeder product can be used in combination with our fertilizer tube and its dual function design keeps liquid fertilizer off your expensive machines.

Starter Fertilizer Tube Application
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Impressive Field-Tested Results

Field tests were conducted using three ExactEmerge planters with our fertilizer tubes running different rates of fertilizer, at different rates of speed. Each test was successful in the following ways:

  • Fertilizer was successfully placed in the trench, below the seed.
  • Fertilizer was not building up on the brush system, nor brought back into the seed delivery system.
  • Fertilizer was successfully placed at various rates of speed, with various rates of fertilizer.
Independent yield trials comparing our product to a traditional product with 6 gallons of 10-34-0 on corn produced the following results:

  • .55" better plant spacing
  • 2,247 plants/acre increase
  • Estimated yield gain of 5.8 bushels in May
  • October harvest results were 6.2 (5%) bushel/acre advantage

Prepare for Next Spring

As harvest wraps up, take time to review these winter maintenance tips for your no-till planter to be ready for spring planting.

Planting Starter Fertilizer

Search Available Fertilizer Tube Models

Custom versions have been fabricated for planters of all brands. Fertilizer tubes and accessories are available from our network of nearly 1000 dealers who can provide product and installation. Installation instructions are also available online for most of our models. For all models, we recommend replacing disc openers when you install fertilizer tubes.