Fertilizer Tube for 5000 Series Kinze Planter

Instructions for installing the 5000 Series fertilizer tube:

  1. Remove depth gauge wheels & disc openers, making sure to note correct shim placement.
  2. Remove seed tube guard.
  3. Install new TT-501 fertilizer tube; see video and pictures below:
kinze 5000 series fertilizer placement tube part #tt 501

The tube will hit the row unit when it rotates up into place. Simply grab the tube and pull it slightly out and finish rotating it into place as shown above.

The finished installation will look like this:

starter fertilizer equipment for kinze planter

The optional 6mm tubing is provided for producers who may experience plugging issues due to applying a lower rate of fertilizer (2 or 3 gallons). You may not need this tubing; it is provided for producers not seeing a steady flow out of the tube due to small amounts of fertilizer being put down, or not enough pressure in their line. Push this tubing up the bottom side of the fertilizer tube, leaving approximately 1/4" sticking out the bottom. (You may need to cut the plastic tubing off after pushing it up as far as you can.) This will create back-pressure at the bottom of the tube.

Recommend replacing disc openers when you put our fertilizer tubes on.

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