TT 296 Agco/Fendt/Massey Fertilizer tube

This tube will fit the new White/Massey VE & Positive Air, and Fendt Momentum planters with the precision planting row unit. They will not fit the speed tube or high-speed planter, conventional row units only.

White/Massey/Fendt liquid fertilizer
White/Massey/Fendt liquid fertilizer
White/Massey/Fendt liquid fertilizer

Model TT 296:  Agco/Fendt/Massey Fertilizer Tube Install Instructions:

Step 1

Install plastic tubing (provided) into bottom side (where guard is welded) of stainless steel tube. Leave approximately 1/4" to 3/16" of the plastic tubing sticking out of the stainless steel tube. You may need to cut off the plastic tubing at this point, as more than enough plastic tubing is provided. This tube is provided for lower rates of fertilizer to help with steady flow out of the bottom of the tube. You may not need to utilize this.

Step 2

Remove depth gauge wheels and discs, taking note of shim placement.

Step 3

Remove factory seed tube guard. We will buy the new guards back at $8.00 each if you would like to send them to us. We will not purchase used guards.

Step 4

Lift TT296 up into position on row unit, guard attaches the same way you took it off, tube runs up the front of the shank.

Step 5

Re-install disc openers, taking care to get the correct shim placement.

Step 6

Re-install depth gauge wheels.

Recommend replacing worn disc openers when you put our fertilizer tubes on.

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