FurrowForce Dual Tube System Model TT314F

This product fits on any furrow force closing wheel assembly. It is shown here on the John Deere assembly.

The FurrowForce dual starter fertilizer tube system is designed for the Precision Planting FurrowForce end row unit. This will attach to the row unit to be able to apply fertilizer behind the row. The tubes are adjustable up/down and side to side. Feritlizer hose may be added to the end of the stainless tube to get the fertilizer closer to the soil.

The tubes and brackets are stainless steel. A 3/8" Y splitter is also included in the kit. Simply attach the bracket with the U bolt as shown in the picture.

Starter Fertilizer Tube
Totally Tubular Model TT314F
Totally Tubular Fertilizer Tube Model TT314F
Stainless Steel Fertilizer Tube Model TT314F
Model TT314F

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