Fertilizer Tube for 3000 Series Planter

This simple yet effective fertilizer tube for your Kinze planter is totally protected by the disc blades, so rocks should not be an issue. The 1/8" wall 3/8" stainless tube will easily outlast the disc scraper. The optional seed bounce flap closes the opening between the disc openers assuring correct seed placement by eliminating seed bounce and ricochet.


The TT-301 will not fit the new high-speed 3600 series planter with the brush seed delivery system.

Totally Tubular Benefits

  • Starter Fertilizer application deeper in the soil profile
  • Instant root uptake for early plant health
  • Maintenance free
Fertilizer Tube for Planter
Totally Tubular Fertilizer Tube
Kinze Planter Fertilizer Tube

Install hose clamp around the shank and placement tube, just above the inside disc scraper.  This will hold the tube against the bottom of the shank.

Installation Instructions for Model TT301

Step 1

Remove depth gauge wheels and disc openers, making sure to note correct shim placement.

Step 2

Find the 1/4" casting hole in the shank. This is approximately 1" above and 2" forward of the threaded disc opener attachment hole. Drill this hole out to 9/32.

Step 3

Lift the placement tube up into place and insert the enclosed 1/4" cap screw thread it into the weld nut on placement tube mounting tab. Use the enclosed hose clamp to secure tube firmly to scraper as shown in picture above.

Step 4

Tighten cap screw.

Step 5

Attach zip tie in existing hole in planter to tube as shown in picture.

Step 6

Reinstall disc openers.

Step 7

The 6mm tubing is provided for producers who may experience plugging issues due to applying a lower rate of fertilizer. Push this tubing up the bottom side of the fertilizer tube, leaving approximately 1/4" sticking out the bottom. (You may need to cut the plastic tubing off after pushing it up as far as you can.) This will create back-pressue at the bottom of the tube.

Due to the variances in Kinze planters, two sizes of bolts have been provided. 1” and 7/8”; use the bolt that best fits your planter.

Kinze fertilizer tubes were not meant to be used on planters that are planting deeper than 2 inches. Producers planting deeper than 2 inches may experience rubbing issues on areas of the tube. 

Recommend replacing disc openers when you put our fertilizer tubes on.

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