In Furrow Fertilizer Tube for 6000 Series Planter

This simple yet effective design fits the 6000 Series White planter. It is totally protected by the disc blades, so rocks should not be an issue. The 1/8" wall 3/8" stainless in furrow fertilizer tube will easily outlast the disc scraper. The optional seed bounce flap closes the opening between the disc openers assuring correct seed placement by eliminating seed bounce and ricochet.

Totally Tubular Benefits

  • Starter Fertilizer application deeper in the soil profile
  • Instant root uptake for early plant health
  • Maintenance free
In Furrow Fertilizer Tube

These tubes are mounted the same way as the TT-200 for the 8000 Series. You may view the pictures of that tube for reference if you like.

Installation Instructions for Model TT260

Step 1

Install plastic tubing (provided) into bottom side (where guard is welded) of stainless steel tube. Leave approximately 1/4" to 3/16" of the plastic tubing sticking out of the stainless steel tube. You may need to cut off the plastic tubing at this point, as more than enough plastic tubing is provided.

Step 2

Remove depth gauge wheels and discs, taking note of shim placement.

Step 3

Remove factory seed tube guard.

Step 4

Lift TT-260 up into position on row unit.

Step 5

Align roll pin holes and install roll pins.

Step 6

Re-install disc openers, taking care to get the correct shim placement.

Step 7

Re-install depth gauge wheels.

Recommend replacing disc openers when you put our fertilizer tubes on.

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