1200 Planters - Below the Seed Option

This product does not fit on the 2150 Case Planter.

This Totally Tubular TT125 tube will apply fertilizer directly below the seed on a Case IH planter. The tube is mounted in the existing shoe, with fertilizer coming out right behind the firming point. Please note: this is not a maintenance free tube. We recommend checking the shoe area of your planter for build-up each time you fill your planter with seed.

Installation Instructions for Model TT125

Step 1

Disassemble planter to be able to install fertilizer tube in center of shoe on planter.

Step 2

Tube is installed using existing bolt and bolt hole in shoe as shown in the below pictures:

Totally Tubular TT125
Totally Tubular Installation Step 2
Fertilizer Tube Model TT125

Step 3

Run 1/4” fertilizer line down to, and through, tube as shown; leaving approximately 5/8” sticking out of the bottom, in front of the firming point.

Totally Tubular Installation Step 3

Step 4

Make sure you zip tie your fertilizer line in various areas to your planter.

This is not a maintenance free fertilizer tube. It is recommended that each time you fill your planter with seed to check these tubes for soil build-up in the shoe area.

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