2012 1200 Case Planters (and Newer)

This stainless steel tube applies fertilizer in-furrow for Case planters. This tube fits 2012 Case planters and newer only. This fertilizer tube does not place fertilizer below the seed. Here it is shown with the insecticide tube taken off of the planter. The stainless steel tube fits inside this part.

New Case Tube Pic 1 1
New Case Tube Pic 2

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Tube must be installed from the bottom.

Step 2

Push tube up until it’s tight, the tab welded on the bottom of the tube fits inside the insecticide tube.

Step 3

Slide the lock collar over the top of the tube, fitting the round tab welded to the lock collar into the insecticide tube.

Step 4

Tighten with an allen wrench.

Recommend replacing disc openers when you put our fertilizer tubes on.

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