Closing Wheel Assembly Dual Tube System Model TT300

Totally Tubular Fertilizer Tube Model TT300
Totally Tubular Model TT300
Stainless Steel Fertilizer Tube Model TT300

This tube applies any liquid fertilizer solution beside the seed trench behind the closing wheels. It is shown here on a John Deere planter with a spiked wheel closing disc. It is fully adjustable by the end user as far as the distance from the seed trench. Fertilizer hose may be added to end of the tube to get closer to the soil if the producer so wishes.

The Model TT-300 tubes and all of the hardware are stainless steel. A 3/8” Y fitting is included.

To attach to your row unit you will need to drill a ¼” hole in the back of your row unit. Attach to the row unit as shown above.

Make sure to leave slack in your hose around the Y splitter; do not fasten hose down tight to the row unit as this area of the row unit will move alot down the field. A loop is suggested in the hose around the Y splitter to prevent hosing from pulling apart in that area.

To Attach the Bracket to a White 6000 or 8000 Series Planter it Must be Turned Upside Down.

This Tube Will Not Fit on a 9000 Series White Planter, or any Case Planter.

Do Not Use an Impact Wrench to Tighten This to Your Planter.

Use Thread Lubricant to Assist in Tightening Screws.

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