Starter Fertilizer Facts

Starter Fertilizer has become a widely used practice in today's successful farming operations. Most producers use a liquid form consisting of several variations including, but not limited to: 7-21-7 and 10-34-0. Rates may vary but 5-7 gallons is typical.
Positive results are, and have been, widely stated with the use of starter fertilizers, but these results are not without RISK!!! There are several situations where seed placed fertilizer should not be used, these include and are not limited to:

  • Dry Field Conditions at Time of Planting: Dry Conditions increase the potential for seed damage. Sandy soils increase this potential. Take care and evaluate each situation uniquely.
  • Be cautious about applying High Rates of Nitrogen with the seed: Avoid 28-0-0 and Urea.
  • Be cautious if applying Sulfur and Boron Products with the seed: Sulfur and Boron will have a negative affect on seed germination.
  • Be cautious when applying a Starter Fertilizer when planting Soybeans.



The above are just a few of the risks involved with using a seed based starter fertilizer. As long as common sense is used, your corn will thank you, and most of all, a 5% - 7% Yield gain may be recognized.