Air Seeder Products

Dual Function Design Keep liquid fertilizer off of your expensive machines!

*Places seed: The 3/4” wide Fin made of UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) plastic ensures long wear life and replaces the traditional 1” wide seed firming wheel. The narrower Fin provides more consistent seed depth. In moist or wet seeding conditions, it eliminates lifting of seed from the furrow by the rolling wheel.

*Places fertilizer: The Fin places liquid fertilizer at the deepest point of the furrow. Regardless if the Fin is brand new or worn to 50%, the patented design keeps the delivery point deep in the furrow. This means your equipment stays clean. Splatter is virtually eliminated. Available for: John Deere 50, 60, and 90 Series openers, and Case SDX Air Drills.

Finbracket goes under spring Put spacer in-between bracket and arm
Bolt goes through arm Finished Product



John Deere

Fits 50 Series John Deere Opener (Left) JDFIN50-L
Bracket Only (Left) JDFIN50-L BRKT
Plastic Only JDFIN50-PLASTIC
Fits 50 Series John Deere Opener (Right) JDFIN50-R
Bracket Only (Right) JDFIN50-R BRKT
Fits 60/90 Series John Deere Opener (Left) JDFIN60/90-L
Bracket Only (Left) JDFIN60/90-L BRKT
Plastic Only JDFIN60/90-PLASTIC
Fits 60/90 Series John Deere Opener (Right) JDFIN60/90-R
Bracket Only JDFIN60/90-R BRKT




Fits Case SDX (Left) SDXFIN-L
Bracket Only (Left) SDXFIN-L BRKT
Fits Case SDX (Right) SDXFIN-R
Bracket Only (Right) SDXFIN-R BRKT